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[English] Kim Wonderland: insane defamation campaign continues outside Germany

10. August 2015

I really thought this story was on its way fading out, however, to my shock and dismay I recently learned that even at her new chosen location in the UK, the German origin vegan entrepreneur „Kim Wonderland“ is facing prosecution by leftist activists across the channel as well.

Here is why and what happened in a nutshell:

It was „discovered“ by German Indymedia activists, that Kim’s new partner allegedly was, is, or associates with the right-wing/fascist political sphere. Her prominent position in the German vegan scene as an online shop pioneer and vegan baker seemed perfect to make an example of „outing the traitor“ to the antifascist cause. The campaign was thinly justified with the risk such an „infiltrator“ would pose to the antifa movement. The shitstorm which unfolded left even me speechless (for a while). Many vegans also joined the lynch-mob, apparently social envy for the success and prominence evaporated any relevance of tact and social boundaries as well as basic brain activity.

Also ignored by the lynch-mob was the small detail, that Kim and her ex-partner had already separated, but he continued the trademark „Wonderland“ for the online shop, so the defamation campaign which was titled „No X-Mas for Kim Wonderland“ hit that shop as well. Just to repeat for the mentally not so swift: Kim’s new partner was associated with the right-wing political sphere, her ex-partner was not part in any of this. Until however, thereafter, when he committed suicide.

What’s so shocking in this whole ordeal, it was with greatest audacity and no evidence assumed and alleged, that Kim herself follows or believes these right wing ideologies of her new partner, despite her saying otherwise. Actually, terrible this must be argued, it’s nobody’s business who anyone dates (that alone is an „amazing“ sexist assault which should be condemned), let alone is dating a right-winger EVIDENCE that the partner agrees in any or all aspects of such political beliefs. Again, there is not a single thread of evidence up until this day, that Kim’s alleged naziness is real.

So what we have here is a really awful case of kin liability.

Ironically, „Sippenhaft“ (English: „kin liability“) refers to the principle of a group (kin), sharing the responsibility for a crime committed by one of its members and was used extensively by German Nazis and other totalitarian regimes. It’s a primitive as brutal method of suppression which stems from Germanic law in the middle ages. But, it is now employed against a woman of today.

It also betrays left principles to such an extend, one is left to wonder what the real motivation was and is behind this defamation campaign; which has sadly also found gullible virus-hosts outside the German language sphere now.

My thesis is, that the alleged naziness by proxy was a mere mask, a fig leaf, and that the real target was veganism. There is a growing realization amongst leftist activists, that veganism is the fulfillment of left utopia in real world terms. People who, as a mere consequence of real behavior, rather than oppressively governed re-education are building a just society. One whose ideals and positive effects far outweigh any of the left utopias deemed possible. More powerful, more beautiful, more pure – the „new humans“ are here and they are vegan. Hence veganism poses a great threat to the leftist political justification. Evidence for this thesis are attacks on the first vegan supermarket of Germany which faced a similar smear-campaign by proxy, the guilt by association was strikingly similar of the reasoning against Kim. Because the supermarket would not expel obvious right-wing-looking (!) customers from its premises, it therefore must support a right wing ideology. In another irony, the windows got smashed with rocks. There are historical parallels where shops catering to a specific cultural group (Jews) had their windows smashed in. The psychotic doing what you accuse others of, is another hallmark not of antifascists, but antivegans. Carnists in an antifa dress [ ].

Tragically, the smear campaign was and is highly successful in the sense of the perpetrators true motivation. A dead vegan pioneer, a destroyed business, harassment of another vegan business and the public examination of a womans intimate relationship.

If you want to know who the real target is in a line of fire, look who’s falling… In this case, it isn’t the right wingers.

For any vegan out there whose rotten media competence allowed you to join the lynch mob, may you wake up to your shame.

.Ava Odoéména
new ethical orthodoxy (neo)

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